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Since 1960 we are providing our national and international customers architectural, static, mechanical, electric, decoration and construction projects for educational, health, cultural, industrial, tourism, management and residential buildings. We have a project team, which has won many prices in Architectural Project Competitions. We are also constructing some of our designs.

  • Mustafa POLATOĞLU

  • Master Engineer Architect - Lecturer

    Education : Yıldız Technical University Architecture Faculty, İstanbul Technical University Architecture Faculty, London University ; University Buildings Seminar

    Architectural Practice : Founded Polatoğlu Office of Architecture in 1960. Designed a lot of important projects and received many awards in architectural design competitions. From 1960 lectured in Yıldız Technical University, Karadeniz Technical University and Trakya University.

  • Süheyl POLATOĞLU

  • Architect

    Education : Bochum Ruhr University Management Faculty, Dortmund University Architecture Faculty,Trakya Üniversity Architecture Faculty

    Architectural Practice : Since 1995 takes part in various project design and construction works. Between 1996 - 1998 took part in design and construction in National Defence Department.

  • Yüksel Onur POLATOĞLU

  • Architect

    Education : German School Istanbul ,Yıldız Technical University Architecture Faculty

    Architectural Practice : Since 1996 takes part in various project design, architectural design competitions and constructions. In 1998 completed military service as an architect. In 2006 took part in shop design and construction in Polaris Shoes.


  • Interior Architect

    Education : In 2000 graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Interior Architecture and Site Planning with 3.62 academic points.

    Architectural Practice : In 2001started working with Polatoğlu Architects. Between 1999-2001 worked in Barmek Construction Company in various residence projects.Ortaç Residence interior design and construction.Worked in Turkish Radio Television as Art Director Assistant.

    Publication : Tasarım Magazine 108 Jan.-Feb.2001 Stairs Article

    Awards : İhsan Doğramacı Award for Excellence (2000), Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Award for Student Excellence (2000- #1 grad.)
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